"We love Him because He first loved us."

1 John 4:19

All Done!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I am all done with the changes! Well, for now anyways! LOL! Once I figure out how to keep my 'Archives' from being a drop down menu, I am going to fix it! :) I also don't like the bookmark thing that comes with each post. I am going to try and remove that too. Oh! Look to the left! I have a soundtrack for my blog! I will probably change it now and then....but for now, 'American Girl' just seemed to fit. :) I love that song! Don't tell anyone! LOL! Let me know what you think of the changes! ;) You could just post to be nice too. LOL! I know for myself, the more comments I get the more it fuels my updating. It's just nice to know that people actually do come on here and see what I have to say. :) Poor Addie can't be the only one keeping up on comments! LOL!!

Be back in a bit with a Christmas update! :) Don't forget to hit the play button to the left ;)



Hiya! I am in the process of changing some things on the blog. Hang tight, and it will be done soon. After that....a new post! LOL!



Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello! How is everyone? :) I have had a humdinger of a couple of days. My poor baby girl got the stomach flu. :( I have never seen her that sick. It was soooo sad & pathetic. She may have had food poisoning....I am still not sure. She is on the mend now, and that's what counts!!

Oh!! Guess what!! She FINALLY has a loose tooth!! Yay! She has waited soooo long for this. Gabe started loosing his at 4...and that's what started it. She has been so excited! I can't wait for it to come out! Kids are so darn cute with the little gaps in their mouths! Awww!!

Is everyone done Christmas shopping? I am almost done! Last weekend I went to Medford with my Mom on Saturday...and to Eugene with my friend Valorie on Sunday! It was a lot of fun. Oh my gosh...I almost forgot! On Saturday, at the Medford mall, I had my bag from Kohl's stolen! :( It had some things I picked up for Ash's birthday. I was soooo bummed out. I cried at the Kohl's counter! :( I refuse to let it bug me now though! I am just going to think that they probably needed it more than I did...like my donation to the Christmas cheer of sharing with others. :) That's what this season is about anyways! It's not about how much loot you can get....it's about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ....and giving to others. So...I am focusing on that! :)

I haven't taken many pics in the last couple of weeks. Miss Bentlee decided that she wanted a pic like the other kids...so I did one! I even 'blued' her eyes! Oooo...Aaaaa!! LOL!! She is an easy model to work with. Look at her little pig tails! I did that for the first time that day! So cute!

I am also going to leave you with some videos from last year! I have been watching them because I miss the snow! :( I want to go sledding again! The first is Dylan's trip...then Ash....then Ted had to show them how it was done! LOL! Ted is much heavier than the kids....so he went all the way across the road! LOL!! Now....ignore that horrible hyena cackle at the end. :) Don't you just hate hearing yourself on video?? :D


Christmas Tree Time!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We got our tree!! We always go to the same tree farm every year. They are good people, with good trees. :) Here are some pics of the kiddos at the tree farm. They had a lot of fun in the mud & rain. LOL!! It was pretty bad. The last pic is of Ash getting to put the star on! It was Dylan's turn last year. Fair is fair. LOL!! The kids finished decorating it last night. I will take some pics later today & post them! Wish me luck...I am off to the dentist....again. Ugh!


Sorry for my absence :(

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hiya! Sorry for the delay in posting....the 'blog slacking' as some say. LOL! I have had a busy 2 weeks. It started with a toothache from hell on the Friday before last. That lasted 3 days until I went to the dentist. While I was at the dentist, my husband called to say that his dad had just been flown to Portland for heart surgery. Over the next 72 hours we put 1400-1500 miles on my car....back and forth from Portland to Grants Pass....and a root canal in the middle! We even slept in the car in a parking garage! Ahhhhh!! I was soooo tired! We both were. So...it has taken me a bit to get rested, and caught up to speed. I have done some major cleaning in the house, and I feel lots better! Tomorrow I have to go and get my 'post' put in so that in 2 weeks I can get a cap on my tooth. Yay. LOL!! Ted's dad is doing a LOT better. He is even home, and up walking around. He is as strong as an ox...his Dr said so! LOL! I have taken some random pics of the kiddos, I will post those in the morning! I will get them all ready tonight. I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks! :)


Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! We had a good one! We went down to my Grandma & Grandpa's. My family, my mom, my Aunts, & all the cousins were there! We had great food, and even better conversation. It was nice to spend some time with everyone. I miss them! I had a chance to get some good pictures of everybody. Here are just a few of the best. :)

Me & Ted

Dylan & Ashley

My Grandpa & Grandma

My cousin Angie & her brother Lee

Angie's 3 girls (Alyssa, Lauryssa, & Caryssa)

This is just a fun one I did of Alyssa & Caryssa. Don't their eyes just pop out??

My cousin Beth's kids, Leo & Abbie


If you ever have a bad day....

Saturday, November 17, 2007

...just watch this little clip. This sweet baby makes me smile until my cheeks hurt!! It's a definite 'cure all' for the rainy day blues! :)


Dylan's Turn

Friday, November 16, 2007

Well, Dylan really liked that pic I made of Ashley....and he wanted his own. LOL! Of course, I had to make his much 'cooler' and more 'manly'. :) I think he has a great 'model pose' too. Looking at this picture.....he is such a handsome kid! I think he is really going to be a looker! I know, I'm partial!! :D He looks so much like Ted. Which is a good thing. I happen to think Ted is the most handsome. :) (remember, you can click on it to make it bigger!)


My Baby

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Here is a little picture I took of Ash. She may look sad...but she is 'model posing'. LOL! Isn't that sweet? She has glitter on her face too. You should be able to click on the picture and make it bigger. :) Sorry for the lack of posting. We have all been so sick. I haven't felt like taking pics or anything! This is the first one since Halloween. I know, I know...I must have been sick. LOL!! I will post again very soon. I have lots of picture taking to make up for!! :D



Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here are the kiddos on Halloween! We had a lot of fun! We went to the school carnival, and then down to Canyonville to trick or treat the businesses. The kids made out like bandits. :)

Here is Ashley. She wasn't feeling good, and running a fever. I think she looks so sad in this picture. She was super cute, but still so sad. :( She did have fun, but it would have been better had she been feeling well. Poor thing. Please excuse the sticky spots on the door. Ash makes art almost daily and tapes it to my door. It shows. LOL!!

Dylan's makeup was super fun to do! I used my fingers for the white, and a paintbrush for the black. It took about 30 minutes, but I think it was worth it! As much as I don't like the creepy stuff....it did turn out cool!! He was so impressed with his Mom!! :D

Here is Miss Bentlee! We ran over to her Grandma's house so we could see her and snap a few pics. Little booger would hardly hold still. LOL! She is sure a cute little ducky though. :)
One more pic of the kids at the carnival. They had quite the loot. Dylan even won a fish! :)


Lost Pics!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Here are those lost pics I mentioned in the last post. Ted took these at the end of August. I think they are amazing!! I threw in 2 of Ash because I thought they were great too. :D We were just having a lazy day playing in the sprinkler. LOL! I hope you enjoy! :)


Bronco...& girls!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, we got the Bronco! Woo!! Ted is so excited. He needed something bigger. He used to have a Bronco, and has always said it was a big mistake to get rid of it. LOL! I get to go for my first ride in it tonight! Maybe I will get my buck. :) I think the kids are just as excited as their dad. It's pretty cute actually. I am just happy everything worked out. This is the 3rd one we went to buy.....and I am so glad we found it! We didn't get discouraged, just prayed and trusted God. Once again, he was looking out for us. :)

Here it is!!

I found some other cute pics I wanted to post. The first one is a cute one I took of Ash on her way to school. I just love this little outfit. She looks old!! :( It's cute though. :D The last two are pics of Bentlee at the Duck Pond. Ted & I took her there last week. It was so much fun!! There are more pigeons than ducks....but it's still known as the Duck Pond. LOL!! She kept running around squealing, and chasing the birds. I had a blast! I can't wait to bring her back. :)

I need to pin Dylan down and make him pose for pics too! Little stinker! Oh!! I thought of some great ones that I didn't post!! Keep on the lookout for those! They are great ones. He is posing with his fighting stick! LOL!! Well, have a great Wednesday & I will post those of Dylan in a bit. :D


I'm Old!

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's official. I am old. This past weekend I turned 30. :( I remember when my mom turned 30...I thought she was so ancient. LOL! It's funny, but I don't feel any older....just bummed about a number. I had a party this weekend. That was kinda funny. It was like I was having my 5th birthday at pizza! LOL!! It was fun though. I made a haul in gifts!! Wooo! Addie took some great pics, so when she sends them to me I will post them! :D

Ted had the last 9 days off from work. It's kinda weird having him home so much. I loved it, of course....it's just different. We have ran around so much. I am already missing him bad this morning. :( He gets next week off too though! Yaaaayyy!!! Hopefully I will have gotten my buck before he has to go back. LOL! OH, Ted is getting a Bronco! He will probably get it today....if everything goes right. LOL! He is pretty excited. He has driven the pants off of that old Ranger. Its time to move on! I am happy for him....he deserves it. :) As soon as we get it, I will take pics and post them!

I have a bunch of pics I have taken over the last couple of weeks too. I just haven't pulled them off of the camera yet. I am planning on doing that today. When I get them all organized, I will pull out the best ones and post! I am sure it will be a hodge podge of stuff. LOL!

Have a great Monday, and I will post again soon! :)



Thursday, October 4, 2007

I have had a poopy couple of weeks! Blech! All the kids have gotten sick...really sick. I was sick, Ted was sick.....we even checked Mr. Pickles! LOL! Dylan's homework is getting harder, making it harder on him & I. Oh, and I have been getting my headaches again. I have cut my computer time down to about a third of what it used to be. Looking at the screen just kills me. I feel like I am wearing my sunglasses all the time except when I am sleeping. It's getting ridiculous!! Ah well....I should be used to it. All the babies are better, so hopefully things are looking up! :) On a positive note....I got some new shampoo & a new blow dryer!!! Woooooo!! They are gnarly! Yes, I said gnarly. Shut up! My hair hasn't looked this good in years! I am working it! LOL!! So, even though my head feels like its going to explode....it looks darn good! :D

I have rounded up some cute pics from the last month. :D

Here is my little Bentlee......picking boogies. LOL!!

This is a cute one.....the kids were soooo excited that Ted started school. They had to pose with him on his first day. LOL!!

Here is the fam at the river....not a great pic, but its what I got. :D I took better ones of Mr. Pickles....he was so darn cute in the sand! He just loved it. He kept digging & digging. LOL!

Oh....almost forgot......Ted got his deer! LOL! Man, don't tell him I almost forgot. Men don't take that well. :D Once again, my kids tried to touch it's eye. Why do they do that?? Weirdos!! Now it's time for me to get mine! I am ready! I think, kinda, maybe. :D

Have a great Thursday, and I will see you on the flip-side!! Adios!


I'm Not Dead!! LOL!!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hiya Blog Stalkers!! No, I am not dead....just haven't been on the computer. My family thinks it's a miracle.....my blog readers get nervous. LOL!! We have been pretty busy the last week or so. We have had illnesses.....first colds.....now fevers & barfies. Yay, fun! We went to a UofO football game last Saturday. It was totally fun.....but the longest day in history!! Ahhh!!! To make a long story short......we spent about 6 hours in the car that day. Traffic hell....I am not kidding. Between freaky accidents on the freeway....to missed buses....to busy parking lots....it was one hum-dinger of a day! Thank God I had a freak idea to buy the kids some head-rest DVD players that morning!! Phew!! Can you imagine them sitting in a car for 6 hours.....unplanned & unprepared for?? No thank you!! LOL!!

Here are some pics....think of it as my peace offering for being a big BS as Jenn calls me. LOL!!
First.....the new car! Still loving it!! :D

Here are some shots of the game! It's become one of our very favorite Fall activites! :D

These last ones are just for fun! I just looooooove me some sleeping babies!! :D

Little note to Addie & Jenn........I got the emails this morning, and I figured an update was better than a reply! :D


Worst Blogger.....Ever!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's official......I am the worst blogger ever! :( I am really sorry. I have just had so much going on the last 2 weeks. It just seems that it piles up! Ack!! I haven't even really been on my computer....which is very odd for me! LOL!! I did have a chance to peek at Addie's blog and wanted to make us some M&Ms!! :D I think we turned out cute. It really looks like us! LOL!!

OH!!! I got a new car last night!! Woo hoo!! It's a Honda Accord! I love it! :) I am getting rims today & my windows done tomorrow. After that, I will post pics! :D I have to say....it's quite different driving the car when I am used to my Jeep. LOL! It has SOOOO much room. I won't know what to do with all that space! LOL!

I hope you all have a great Tuesday, and I will post again soon....promise!! :)

Oh, Jenn......on 9/11 I was still in bed & my phone rang. It was my dad. He said to turn on CNN that a plane had crashed into the tower. Ted & I ran and turned it on. It was right after it happened and the news people were still calling it an accident. Then we watched the second plane hit.....live. It was very scary and creepy. We sat there all day and watched the news. It was such a horrible feeling deep in the pit of your stomach. I will never forget that day. I thought the world as we knew it was forever going to be changed. :(


New kids!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

It's that time of year again.....I have new kids! :D At the end of each summer, my kids usually get their hair done. They like to start nice and fresh for school. :) Dylan needed to get his roots done....and Ash wanted a whole new look!! Ahh!! LOL!!

Here is Dylan's before pic....check out the brown roots. :D

Here he is after.....a little pineapple! LOL!! He was going for "Billy Idol blond" and that's a direct quote. :D

Here is my baby before.....so cute, and she looks 5. Awww!!

Here is Ashley after!! Ahhhh!!! She looks 7 years old!! :( No, it's very cute. She got it all whacked off...and now I have to straighten it every morning. LOL! She can go curly...but she doesn't want too. :D

That's about it for today. Ashley is doing much better in school now. She made a friend...and that made all the difference in the world. No more tears....Yay!!! :) Have a great and SAFE Labor Day Weekend!!!! :)


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