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1 John 4:19

All Done!

Friday, December 28, 2007

I am all done with the changes! Well, for now anyways! LOL! Once I figure out how to keep my 'Archives' from being a drop down menu, I am going to fix it! :) I also don't like the bookmark thing that comes with each post. I am going to try and remove that too. Oh! Look to the left! I have a soundtrack for my blog! I will probably change it now and then....but for now, 'American Girl' just seemed to fit. :) I love that song! Don't tell anyone! LOL! Let me know what you think of the changes! ;) You could just post to be nice too. LOL! I know for myself, the more comments I get the more it fuels my updating. It's just nice to know that people actually do come on here and see what I have to say. :) Poor Addie can't be the only one keeping up on comments! LOL!!

Be back in a bit with a Christmas update! :) Don't forget to hit the play button to the left ;)



Hiya! I am in the process of changing some things on the blog. Hang tight, and it will be done soon. After that....a new post! LOL!



Friday, December 14, 2007

Hello! How is everyone? :) I have had a humdinger of a couple of days. My poor baby girl got the stomach flu. :( I have never seen her that sick. It was soooo sad & pathetic. She may have had food poisoning....I am still not sure. She is on the mend now, and that's what counts!!

Oh!! Guess what!! She FINALLY has a loose tooth!! Yay! She has waited soooo long for this. Gabe started loosing his at 4...and that's what started it. She has been so excited! I can't wait for it to come out! Kids are so darn cute with the little gaps in their mouths! Awww!!

Is everyone done Christmas shopping? I am almost done! Last weekend I went to Medford with my Mom on Saturday...and to Eugene with my friend Valorie on Sunday! It was a lot of fun. Oh my gosh...I almost forgot! On Saturday, at the Medford mall, I had my bag from Kohl's stolen! :( It had some things I picked up for Ash's birthday. I was soooo bummed out. I cried at the Kohl's counter! :( I refuse to let it bug me now though! I am just going to think that they probably needed it more than I did...like my donation to the Christmas cheer of sharing with others. :) That's what this season is about anyways! It's not about how much loot you can get....it's about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ....and giving to others. So...I am focusing on that! :)

I haven't taken many pics in the last couple of weeks. Miss Bentlee decided that she wanted a pic like the other kids...so I did one! I even 'blued' her eyes! Oooo...Aaaaa!! LOL!! She is an easy model to work with. Look at her little pig tails! I did that for the first time that day! So cute!

I am also going to leave you with some videos from last year! I have been watching them because I miss the snow! :( I want to go sledding again! The first is Dylan's trip...then Ash....then Ted had to show them how it was done! LOL! Ted is much heavier than the kids....so he went all the way across the road! LOL!! Now....ignore that horrible hyena cackle at the end. :) Don't you just hate hearing yourself on video?? :D


Christmas Tree Time!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

We got our tree!! We always go to the same tree farm every year. They are good people, with good trees. :) Here are some pics of the kiddos at the tree farm. They had a lot of fun in the mud & rain. LOL!! It was pretty bad. The last pic is of Ash getting to put the star on! It was Dylan's turn last year. Fair is fair. LOL!! The kids finished decorating it last night. I will take some pics later today & post them! Wish me luck...I am off to the dentist....again. Ugh!


Sorry for my absence :(

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hiya! Sorry for the delay in posting....the 'blog slacking' as some say. LOL! I have had a busy 2 weeks. It started with a toothache from hell on the Friday before last. That lasted 3 days until I went to the dentist. While I was at the dentist, my husband called to say that his dad had just been flown to Portland for heart surgery. Over the next 72 hours we put 1400-1500 miles on my car....back and forth from Portland to Grants Pass....and a root canal in the middle! We even slept in the car in a parking garage! Ahhhhh!! I was soooo tired! We both were. So...it has taken me a bit to get rested, and caught up to speed. I have done some major cleaning in the house, and I feel lots better! Tomorrow I have to go and get my 'post' put in so that in 2 weeks I can get a cap on my tooth. Yay. LOL!! Ted's dad is doing a LOT better. He is even home, and up walking around. He is as strong as an ox...his Dr said so! LOL! I have taken some random pics of the kiddos, I will post those in the morning! I will get them all ready tonight. I hope everyone has had a great couple of weeks! :)


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