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1 John 4:19

New kids!!!

Friday, August 31, 2007

It's that time of year again.....I have new kids! :D At the end of each summer, my kids usually get their hair done. They like to start nice and fresh for school. :) Dylan needed to get his roots done....and Ash wanted a whole new look!! Ahh!! LOL!!

Here is Dylan's before pic....check out the brown roots. :D

Here he is after.....a little pineapple! LOL!! He was going for "Billy Idol blond" and that's a direct quote. :D

Here is my baby before.....so cute, and she looks 5. Awww!!

Here is Ashley after!! Ahhhh!!! She looks 7 years old!! :( No, it's very cute. She got it all whacked off...and now I have to straighten it every morning. LOL! She can go curly...but she doesn't want too. :D

That's about it for today. Ashley is doing much better in school now. She made a friend...and that made all the difference in the world. No more tears....Yay!!! :) Have a great and SAFE Labor Day Weekend!!!! :)


First day of school!!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

The kiddos started school again! Boy...this summer just flew by!! Dylan did great, and is loving school. He started 4th grade....and I just have good feelings about this year! :) Ash, on the other hand, is not doing so great. :( Poor baby has been crying and missing mom. It's breaking my heart!! :( I know that lots of kids go through this....but when it's your baby, it's hard. She will be fine, I'm sure. Anyway....on to the pics!!!! :D

Here is Dylan on his first day! Doesn't he look old?? I only have this one picture of Dylan. When you are in 4th grade, your mom isn't allowed within 20 feet of the school with a camera! LOL!!

Miss Ashley!! You can't tell from this pic....but her shoes are pink camo! Aww!!

Here she is at the table....this was before the tears. :( She loves school....she just gets nervous being at such a big place without mom. Just between us.....I have cried for 3 days! :( She has always been so strong and independent.....that this is really hard to see her so fragile. :( Anyway.....she will be okay. I know it!!

I hope all your kiddos have a safe return back to school!! I will try to write sooner. *giggle*


Happy Birthday!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

We had Dylan's birthday party on Saturday. It went great! He had such a fun time. We don't usually have big parties....and that's the way he likes it. LOL!! It was just family...and Dylan's best friend Brian. He loved his presents....and walked away with $95!! Woo!! He still hasn't decided what to do with it. :D

Here is the loot from Ted and I....he looks happy, doesn't he? LOL!!

A shot at the party with Ashley and cousin Kiya peeking over at the cake! :D

This is Dylan's friend Brian. They've been hanging out together since they were 5!!

I hope you all have a great Monday!! Today was our first day of school....so I will have those pics in a bit!! :D See you soon.......


They Grow So Fast!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yesterday my baby boy turned 9. I still can't believe it. He is such a miracle! That picture above is of Dylan at around 1 week old. Dylan was born 16 weeks early, and only weighed 1lb 15oz & was 13 inches long. He lost down to 1lb 6oz around 1week old. That is how much he weighed up above. He had just had his heart surgery....see the bandage that takes up his whole left side? Those are my hands at his head and legs. If you look really close, that is a sheep Beanie Baby up above him. (click on pic to make it larger) Sometimes I look at these pictures and can't believe it's him. He has overcome so much! God has truly touched him and pulled him through. They told me he might be blind, he's not. They told me he might be paralyzed, he's not. They told me he WOULD be slow, he absolutely is not. Dylan is the tallest, fastest, smartest kid in his class. That isn't even a mother bragging....it is all true! He is about 6 inches taller than the closest boy...and about 9 inches taller than the rest. He is going into 4th grade and reads at 8th grade level. AND he has wrestled since he was 5 and taken a top 3 place every year!! :D So, my lesson for the day: When life throws you unbeatable odds, turn to God and let him handle it. He is there. You just have to look up and ask. No one can look at my baby boy and doubt that for one second!! Oh, did I mention that he is the most handsome too?? LOL!! :D


Ps......sorry for being a Blog Slacker! :P


Our Anniversary Trip---Part 4

Thursday, August 16, 2007

First off....sorry for the delay in posting! I haven't been feeling well, so the computer has taken a backseat. :) Now, onto the final update! On the last day, we headed down the coast. We stopped off in Depoe Bay (small harbor town) to get a bite to eat and stretch our legs. While we were eating, we kept noticing boats leaving the harbor filled with lots of people. Ted assumed they were giving tours out into the ocean. He started in with the "C'mon....it will be fun! Let's just see how much it will cost." Now, if you remember a couple of updates ago....I expressed my extreme fear of big bodies of water. I have never been on a boat in anything other than small lakes. I was starting to get sick just thinking about it!! We head down to find out the cost, and realize its very very cheap. So, I agree to go. As we are paying, the lady says "They have been seeing lots of them today." I said back to her "Lots of what?" Well.....'them' turned out to be WHALES!!! It was a whale watching trip!! Now I was getting excited!! I had never dreamed of doing such a thing! Anyway....here is a little rundown of our fun trip!!

This is the boat we were on:
Here is the harbor from the boat deck:
This is Ted waiting to get going. We were right up front & center!! Oh, don't mind Ted's purse....that is my camera!! LOL!!
This is a cute little seal that shared the harbor with us!!
As we were headed off, I bent over the front rail and took a picture for Dylan! Ted tried to get me to yell "I'm the king of the world!" It wasn't going to happen!
I just thought this was a pretty cool view!
OMG!! Now it's starting to sink in!! Nothing but water!! Ahhh!! Yes, I was getting a little shaky at this point!! :(
Wow!! We get our first glimpse of honest to goodness Gray Whales!! I have to admit....when they turn the motor off of the boat.....and you are sitting in silence waiting for them.....I heard the 'Jaws' theme in my head!! Ahhh!!! LOL!!

That was it!! That was our anniversary trip! We headed home as soon as we got back from the boat trip. I had a blast! It was the best anniversary we have ever had! I hope to take the kids up to see the whales very soon. That's if I can get the nerve to go out again!! LOL!! Thanks for taking this little trip with me! I hope you enjoyed our pictures. :)


Our Anniversary Trip---Part 3

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On Friday, we headed up to Tillamook and ended up at the Air Museum! It's this old air hanger that was home to Blimps in WWII. The size of this building is mind blowing! It is over 15 stories high! I highly recommend this to anyone of you with kids. It's something they will never forget. :)

Here is an aerial shot of the entire property. I took a picture of a postcard!! LOL!!

This is a photo that they had on the wall....it was taken during WWII. That blimp is over 4 times the size of the Goodyear blimp. WOW!!

I took pictures of all of the planes....but I will just post my favorite one. I liked this little plane because that gun makes it look like a mosquito! :D

This is just a shot of the back half of the hanger. :)

These are pics of Ted and I in front of one of the larger planes. Look at the size of that tire! Ted wanted me to pose by the jet....he thought it looked like it was going to eat me. LOL! I swear, they are really never over 9! :D

Ted said that we just had to take a picture of all the guns on the planes for Dylan to see. He was pretty impressed! :D

They had several little cock pits that you could sit in. Look at all the buttons and dials!!

Did I mention that men never age over 9??? You may not be able to tell....but Ted is making machine gun noises! LOL!! How cute is that? :D

That pretty much sums up the Air Museum!! It was definitely worth the drive....and I am going to be taking the babies there soon! I will post the final part of our trip later today. The last part has to be the most exciting one for me.....stay tuned.....


The Kids Trip With Nana!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I sent Mom and the Kids with my little Sony point & shoot camera. I didn't want to miss pics of their trip either! LOL!! Mom doesn't take 12,000 pictures of every little thing like I do....but she got some real keepers!! The kids look like they had a great time! I think Nana lets them get dirtier than their mom does....which is what Nanas are for! :D

Here are the kids with their little friends Amy & Lily. They are 4 year old twins that were there the first few days of the trip. Ashley had a blast with friends to keep her occupied. :)

Here are the kiddos in the surf! I love this picture because you can see that huge boat in the background!!

Look at the little diggers! That is some hole! I can't imagine how much sand must have been under those nails! LOL!!

This last one is of Ashley and her trench. Mom said that it went from the top of the beach.....alllllll the way down to the water!! I guess Ashley worked on that thing all day long! Once my girl sets her mind to something.....there is no stopping her! LOL!!

Thanks Nana for giving the kids such an amazing trip! All kids should get to have a fabulous Grandma like you!! XOXOX!!!! I should be posting part 3 of our trip this afternoon....stay tuned!!


Our Anniversary Trip---Part 2

We had the most amazing view from our balcony! We sat there for hours, just watching the waves roll in. It was really nice at night....because the hot tub is right there on the balcony. You could sit in it, and still see the beach perfectly! It was so peaceful, and serene. I definitely want to live next to the beach someday. It relaxes you so much. :) Here is the awesome view from our balcony! Beach for miles! :)




While sitting there enjoying the view, I had an opportunity to take lots of awesome sunset pics! They make the best desktop wallpaper! LOL!! I took soooo many, but I will only post 2....no need to torture you. :D I love this first one.....do you see the little bird? :)

Here is the last pic for this post. It's a little hard to tell on here....but if you look at the bottom of the picture.....do you see water?? I was sitting in the hot tub, and wanted to take a pic of the view from there! LOL!! I know, what a geek huh?? I have never been sooo nervous....bringing my camera over the water like that! I made Ted stand on the outside and hold the strap in case I dropped it. LOL!! It's a great pic when full sized....but on here, I am not sure you can tell where I am.

The next post will be the pics from the kids trip....then back to part 3. :) I promised their Nana I would get them up......sometimes Nanas get impatient. LOL!!


Our Anniversary Trip---Part 1

Monday, August 13, 2007

Here we are, headed to Lincoln City!! :D We went for 4 days....and the babies went with Mom to Charleston for 4 days. We had a blast! Ted and I have never been to Lincoln City before....so it was quite an experience! They have the smoothest, longest beaches!! Here is a little lookout on the same corner as the Sea Lion Caves. We just stopped to stretch our legs...and I had to take a picture of this beautiful view! :)

Here are just a couple of the many bridges we had to cross along the way! Yuck! For those of you that don't know me.....I am terrified of bridges. I have a fear of heights & water bodies....so bridges are just a double whammy! LOL!! Believe it or not, taking the pics of them made it a little easier. :D Like I said, these are just 2....there are several!

Here is the first thing we saw when entering our room. How sweet is that?? I have never been to a hotel that gave you bathrobes before. LOL!! It was probably the nicest place that Ted and I have ever been to. :) We had a balcony overlooking the beach with a hot tub! It was very peaceful and relaxing. As you can tell from the last pic.....we were wiped out after that loooong drive!! Ted dozed off as soon as his head hit the pillow! LOL! :)

I will post Part 2 tomorrow! We had a lot of fun...and I want to share it all! Look for about 4 parts from our trip...and one from the kids'!! :)


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