"We love Him because He first loved us."

1 John 4:19

Lost Pics!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Here are those lost pics I mentioned in the last post. Ted took these at the end of August. I think they are amazing!! I threw in 2 of Ash because I thought they were great too. :D We were just having a lazy day playing in the sprinkler. LOL! I hope you enjoy! :)


Bronco...& girls!!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Well, we got the Bronco! Woo!! Ted is so excited. He needed something bigger. He used to have a Bronco, and has always said it was a big mistake to get rid of it. LOL! I get to go for my first ride in it tonight! Maybe I will get my buck. :) I think the kids are just as excited as their dad. It's pretty cute actually. I am just happy everything worked out. This is the 3rd one we went to buy.....and I am so glad we found it! We didn't get discouraged, just prayed and trusted God. Once again, he was looking out for us. :)

Here it is!!

I found some other cute pics I wanted to post. The first one is a cute one I took of Ash on her way to school. I just love this little outfit. She looks old!! :( It's cute though. :D The last two are pics of Bentlee at the Duck Pond. Ted & I took her there last week. It was so much fun!! There are more pigeons than ducks....but it's still known as the Duck Pond. LOL!! She kept running around squealing, and chasing the birds. I had a blast! I can't wait to bring her back. :)

I need to pin Dylan down and make him pose for pics too! Little stinker! Oh!! I thought of some great ones that I didn't post!! Keep on the lookout for those! They are great ones. He is posing with his fighting stick! LOL!! Well, have a great Wednesday & I will post those of Dylan in a bit. :D


I'm Old!

Monday, October 22, 2007

It's official. I am old. This past weekend I turned 30. :( I remember when my mom turned 30...I thought she was so ancient. LOL! It's funny, but I don't feel any older....just bummed about a number. I had a party this weekend. That was kinda funny. It was like I was having my 5th birthday at pizza! LOL!! It was fun though. I made a haul in gifts!! Wooo! Addie took some great pics, so when she sends them to me I will post them! :D

Ted had the last 9 days off from work. It's kinda weird having him home so much. I loved it, of course....it's just different. We have ran around so much. I am already missing him bad this morning. :( He gets next week off too though! Yaaaayyy!!! Hopefully I will have gotten my buck before he has to go back. LOL! OH, Ted is getting a Bronco! He will probably get it today....if everything goes right. LOL! He is pretty excited. He has driven the pants off of that old Ranger. Its time to move on! I am happy for him....he deserves it. :) As soon as we get it, I will take pics and post them!

I have a bunch of pics I have taken over the last couple of weeks too. I just haven't pulled them off of the camera yet. I am planning on doing that today. When I get them all organized, I will pull out the best ones and post! I am sure it will be a hodge podge of stuff. LOL!

Have a great Monday, and I will post again soon! :)



Thursday, October 4, 2007

I have had a poopy couple of weeks! Blech! All the kids have gotten sick...really sick. I was sick, Ted was sick.....we even checked Mr. Pickles! LOL! Dylan's homework is getting harder, making it harder on him & I. Oh, and I have been getting my headaches again. I have cut my computer time down to about a third of what it used to be. Looking at the screen just kills me. I feel like I am wearing my sunglasses all the time except when I am sleeping. It's getting ridiculous!! Ah well....I should be used to it. All the babies are better, so hopefully things are looking up! :) On a positive note....I got some new shampoo & a new blow dryer!!! Woooooo!! They are gnarly! Yes, I said gnarly. Shut up! My hair hasn't looked this good in years! I am working it! LOL!! So, even though my head feels like its going to explode....it looks darn good! :D

I have rounded up some cute pics from the last month. :D

Here is my little Bentlee......picking boogies. LOL!!

This is a cute one.....the kids were soooo excited that Ted started school. They had to pose with him on his first day. LOL!!

Here is the fam at the river....not a great pic, but its what I got. :D I took better ones of Mr. Pickles....he was so darn cute in the sand! He just loved it. He kept digging & digging. LOL!

Oh....almost forgot......Ted got his deer! LOL! Man, don't tell him I almost forgot. Men don't take that well. :D Once again, my kids tried to touch it's eye. Why do they do that?? Weirdos!! Now it's time for me to get mine! I am ready! I think, kinda, maybe. :D

Have a great Thursday, and I will see you on the flip-side!! Adios!


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