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Crater Lake!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The fam and I decided to take a trip to Crater Lake a couple of weeks ago. It was a fun, weird, scary trip! LOL! We have this GPS system for the car, and we decided to give it a go. It took us straight from Canyonville to Crater Lake. Yep, straight across the map! Well, some of those roads are not meant for cars! It may have been 1/3 of the mileage, but it took twice as long! At times I was scared we would be trapped in the woods! LOL! My husband was as cool as a cucumber. He thought my fear was quite ridiculous! :D Anyway, we made it safe and sound! The kids had never been there before. Ted and I went once before, about 11 years ago. I couldn't believe how snowy it still was! You would have thought it was December, not June! LOL! I took tons of pics, and tried to narrow it down to a few. I still have too many, but oh well! You will have to deal! :P

Here are a couple of nice shots I got of Jackson Creek on the way.

Ted got some cute pics of the kiddos. Ted squatted down to take their pic, and then they squatted down too. What a bunch of nerds!! LOL!!

Dylan took a pic of Ted, but we never did get a pic of me. We tried to take a group self-portrait. That failed miserably!! Here are 2 of the attempts...too funny!! LOL!!

Last, but not least....we have pics of Crater Lake! LOL! Only a couple, I filled the post with pics of people! :P Look how high the snow is on the side of the road!! Holy cow!!


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