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1 John 4:19

She did it!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

As you can probably tell, it is officially swimming weather!! We have had the pool ready since the last week in May. Not only have my babies been swimming, but so have many of their friends!! It has been so much fun! Now, today was a special day. As many of you know, I have been watching Bentlee since she was a month old. (Holy Cow!! Almost 3 years already!!) We had our pool before she came around. I have never been able to get that child to swim in the pool. She has gotten in about 3 times. Each time was a nightmare! Screaming, scratching, you name it! Poor little booger was terrified!! This Spring she started commenting on getting in the big pool. I was skeptical! LOL!! Well, today we tried it!! The first 10 minutes were reminiscent of years past, but wait!! My husband, B's favorite Ted, was able to get her to have fun! I couldn't believe it. She actually laughed and played for over an hour!! It was so cute! She kept saying "I play in pool with Ashy & Bubba!!". So cute!! I managed to snap a couple of pics of the kiddos. I hope you enjoy her happy little face as much as we did!! :)



Well, I bet you thought I was long gone! I kinda was! LOL!! To make a long story short: I have a new computer, in a more convenient location!! I will be blogging again!! I have internet access, ability to get to the comp, and my photo editing software on board!! Woooo!! Keep on the lookout for updates and pics of my cute kids!! :)

Just for the Grandmas, a little teaser!!


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