"We love Him because He first loved us."

1 John 4:19

Naked Pickles!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Well, it was that time again! Pickles had his appointment at the groomers! Now he is a naked Mr. Pickles. LOL! He really loves getting his hair cut. He runs around like a freak for a couple days. It's really quite silly. He even smells nice! Anyway...here are some pics of my baby. :)


New Purse!

Monday, July 30, 2007

I almost forgot! I got a new purse this weekend! It is sooo me. :) I love it...so I had to share! ;D


Day trip..

Yesterday we decided to take a drive. We just didn't feel like sitting around the house. So, we headed off and ended up at the power lines over looking the Dixonville area. I don't know the exact name...I am a girl. LOL! I just love the view up there! It is so refreshing and peaceful. Ted and I ride the 4-wheelers up there quite a bit. We have nicknamed it 'Boobie Ridge'. Okay, too much information. LOL! Here is a shot I took of the huge power lines!! They make me dizzy when I look up at them. You can't tell from this pic...but they are sooo tall!! The second is the view over the valley. :)

After checking out the view, we hiked a LONG way to an abandoned mine shaft. It really was quite cool. It's is just right there...a big whole in the mountain side. It was pretty dark in the hole...we couldn't see much. The camera had a flash, so this image is a lot clearer than the real thing. The pic of Dylan is him hiking down the hill....skipping the trail!! He scares his mom. LOL. The last pic is of Ashley & her treasures. She was collecting used bullets all the way there. I am not sure what she was going to do with them. :)

Now for the fun part of the day. *insert eye rolling here* After this looooong day of hiking, we were pooped. Dylan & I didn't feel like hiking back up to the Jeep. (Ashley was cheating...Ted was carrying her) So, we decided to hike down the hill....and Ted & Ash could pick us up at the bottom. It was not one of my brighter moments. This is what Dylan and I hiked through. A log jam. It's just a massive pile-up of logs, trees, and sticks....YUCK! Some of them were about 4-5 feet off the ground. We crawled on top of some...under some....and I even got stuck for about 15 minutes. Oh, did I mention I was in sandals & capris?? Thank god Dylan was in boots & his Carhartt pants!! He told me that I should have worn 'man pants' too. LOL!! All in all it was about 50 yards of 'woodsy hell'. We made it just fine. I didn't even scratch my camera...AND I managed to take this pic at the bottom! :D

I am going to leave you with this fun pic. At the top of the hill, my dead-eye husband spotted a deer down at the bottom of the valley. I took the camera....zoomed in...and saw that it was a mommy & baby!! You can even see the little spots! I am telling you....I love this new camera! :D Have a great Monday....and I will post again soon!! :P


Show love always....

Saturday, July 28, 2007

I am posting in tears tonight. A friend of mine lost her husband last night...and it's really hit me. I will be praying for her and her children....and I will offer her my love and friendship....but she will still hurt for many years to come. I truly hate this part of life. I hate the sorrow. I just want to encourage all of you to hug your kids a little tighter...your spouses a little longer...and never say anything you can't take back. Don't take things for granted....you never know when they may be gone. I love you all. I hope & pray for the happiness of you and your families.


I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me - Phillipians 4:13


For Jenn!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

I just happen to be on when Jenn posted her request to see the Jeep. Here you go ma'am! :D This was last November, I believe....her first trip in the snow! LOL!


Random Thursday Pics!!

Happy Thursday! I am just posting some random pics I took yesterday with the new camera. :) I have to take pics every single day.....sad huh? LOL!! I just really love capturing everything as it happens. I am just a geek that way! :D

First up we have Mr. Dylan. Now, this isn't the greatest pic in the world...but it just makes him look soooo old! This is when he was coming up out of VBS. I can't get over how much he has aged over the last 6 months! My baby is becoming a man! :( Look at this kid....is he gonna be a looker or what??? :)

Next we have some cute ones of the girlies!! I can't get a pic of Ash by herself until Bentlee goes home. She just loves to pose with her. Ashley is really the best 'pretend-big-sister' around. :) The pink sunglasses were Ashley's when she was a baby....and she felt it was time to pass them onto B. The other one is in the Jeep...in B's new car seat. Man, she really loves that thing. I think she likes the little bar that comes down. LOL!

This is just a cute little pic of B. I swear, I get the best pics of her in that huge chair! That is her chair though....all naps happen right there. LOL! No one else is allowed to sit in it. :)

That is all for today. Next time I will force Ash to pose alone for just a couple. LOL! I hope you all have a great Friday! My hubby is getting off work early.....so YAY!!! :D



Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Well, it's mid-week and nothing much is going on. LOL! The kids are still loving VBS. They have their little program on Friday, then we are heading up to Roseburg. We have to register Ted at the college and get some groceries. :D We haven't really been doing much of anything. The kids haven't been in the pool all week. When I had to fix it on Sunday, the PH was all thrown off. I think it may be back to normal by this evening. They need their pool-fix. LOL. This is the last day that I have Bentlee until Monday. Her mom & her are going on a little trip...and I don't think I will make it! :( I hate it when the baby is gone that long. It seems pretty boring around here without her. The kids are going to be sad...I haven't told them yet. Hopefully the pool will be better, and we can swim for the next 2 days to pass the time. :)

Here are some cute pics I took of B. I haven't posted pics of her in awhile. :)


Hangin' with Nana!

Monday, July 23, 2007

We went and saw my mom on Saturday. We had a great visit. Poor Peggy has been uber sick...and needed some company. So...we headed up, and went to dinner. Chinese! Woo!! The kids were in great moods...and had a blast. They always manage to have fun, wherever they are. :) These are some shots I took of the fam in Mom's living room. I didn't get any of Mom out of respect....you know how funky your hair is when you are sick. LOL!!

On Sunday we worked! Yuck! Ted worked on Mom's truck all morning...and I cleaned house & had to work on the pool. It had gotten quite yucky after all this cool weather and rain. Today it is back to its crystal blue self! :D The kiddos worked on their rooms...or at least attempted too. After the chores of the day, we all sat down to watch some movies!! I highly recommend 'Night at the Museum'. It is a great family flick! It's nice to find movies that all 4 of us can really enjoy. :)

Today the bambinos are back at Vacation Bible School. This is the 3rd one this summer! Ashley was thrilled...and Dylan was nervous...very typical of both of them. LOL! Sometimes I feel so bad that my poor baby boy was cursed with his Mother's anxiety problems. It can rob you of so much of the fun & joy in life...I want more for him. :(

I hope you all have a great Monday!! :D


Where is summer??

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Where in the world is the summer?? We started out cooler this year....had about 30 days of summer...now its gone again! :( We went to town last night and got the kids their school supplies & backpacks! Ahhh!! I can't believe that summer is almost over. It feels like we just skipped over it this year! I want some hot weather darn it! LOL! Seriously...am I the only one mourning over the loss of sunny days? It will be just a blink of an eye, and my babies will have to start school. :( I am really bumming about it this year. I don't want Ashley to go. LOL ! She will be going into kindergarten...and her mama is having a rough time. Dylan has grown up so much in the last 6 months, it just kills me! He will be in the 4th grade! The 4th grade!! When did that happen?? I remember 4th grade like it was yesterday. We moved to Myrtle Creek that year. It was all downhill from there! LOL! I'm kidding. :D Okay....off to enjoy this overcast, muggy, dull weather! :P

Here are the new backpacks! Cute huh?

Addie....that pic below was taken at the beginning of 2000!! Wow! LOL!



Thursday, July 19, 2007

I just feel like crap today! :( I don't know what it is...but I don't like it. I haven't been sleeping great lately, and it's starting to show. Hmm..maybe it's this ridiculous weather! I haven't even been wearing makeup lately...and that is soooo not me. :( I never feel rested. I'm not really hungry, and I am getting snippy with my kiddos. I am hoping it will pass...because it sucks! I think I need a vacation with my husband. I miss him. He hasn't gone anywhere, but this time of year he eats, works, and sleeps 99% of the time. That doesn't leave much time left for quality time. I feel bad for him....imagine how much it sucks for him. :( Anyway, we will bounce back...we always do!! :D I have a great life, and thank God I don't feel like this very often! :D

I have decided to post an old pic that makes me smile so hard my face hurts!! I adore this picture, and I adore these boys!! :D


Play Date!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

We had a play date with Addie and Gabe today! It was so much fun! Addie and I played with our new cameras. :D I think I might talk her into taking a class with me....we are too confused without it! LOL!! The kids ran around and played hard. They seemed to have lots of fun with all the little snails they found. Yuck! They really do well together...not one fight! I look forward to the next time we get together. I miss them like crazy! :(

Here is a little picture I took of Dylan looking at his snail. He made me wait until the antenna were out. Ick!! I do think it turned out to be a great pic though. He is almost 9, and I am still not used to his fascination with the creepy crawlies!! Boys will be boys I guess! :)

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday, and I will be on the lookout for more photo opportunities!! Until next time......


The Cabin!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

I completely forgot to write about our Friday Evening trip to the Cabin!! This is a little cabin that is up by Ted's dad's house. It has been in their family for years & years. It is one of Ted's most favorite places to be. We have spent a lot of time hanging out there over the last 15 years. The kid's are always asking to head up there. LOL! Friday evening we just went up for a bit. Ted & I brought our cameras for fun. We wanted to get a few shots before it gets any older. On the way up we had to share the road with a family of turkeys. No, not our relatives! LOL!!

They were so stinking cute, running all over the road! They actually ran down the road for quite a few yards before turning off. Here are the kiddos. They had a blast. So many bugs-snails-lizards, so little time. LOL!! It was actually a really nice evening. Not too muggy, not too cold. We really need to bring the 4-wheelers up and go riding...we haven't done that yet this year.

While we were up there, I decided to try and be an artist. :D I want so badly to be able to take great photographs. Well, these are my 2 best attempts! LOL!! Not a whiz, but not too bad. :D


Weekend Rush!!

Whew! Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend....I had a busy one! It seems like I just ran, and ran! LOL! Saturday, Ash and I ran to Roseburg with Mandee & Bentlee. We had so much fun. We finally got Miss B a new car-seat. She was in serious need. LOL! It was nice to be able to spend some time with Mandee....we dont do that enough. When I got home and was starting to get settled for the evening, I got a little message from Mandee. She was planning a girls night out, and wanted me to go! Woo!! I don't ever get to go anywhere! I was, of course, the designated driver. I don't drink, so it's a role I was made for! LOL! I had a blast! Thank you Mandee, Angela, & Amy!! I don't think I got to bed until almost 3am....ugh! Of course, Miss Ashley woke up mommy at 6:30.....aww, my little sunshine! :D I was so stinking tired yesterday! Ted got home early, and we started in on the house. We cleaned, cleaned, and then cleaned some more! It does look good though...so no complaining! :D I even got to box up some of the kids old things, and sent them on to the church! All in all I had a fantastic weekend! It went by fast! I didn't get a chance to take many pics...but I will make up for it this week! Addie and Gabe are coming over tomorrow....there will be some great photo opportunities, I'm sure!! :D I hope everyone has a great Monday, and I will post again soon!! Ciao!! Almost forgot....I want to give a little 'Thank You Shout Out' to Jenn R.!! Thanks for the compliments on the blog...and thanks for directing me to Blogger in the first place!! :D


The Storm!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Well....we were all excited yesterday because according to Mr. Weatherman we were suppose to have 'severe thunderstorms'. Those are quite a big deal in our house. We all sit out on the porch all evening to watch nature at its finest!! So, around 6ish we heard the first cracks of thunder! Woo Hoo!! We all got our seat out front!! I ran and got my new camera to catch the show! For about an hour we had a little action....not much, but at least some. We probably only had 5-6 bursts total. The next 2 hours were pretty uneventful. At about 9pm I start seeing all kinds of lightning and storming clear across the sky.....the same clouds that had passed over us!! YES!! The stupid storm decided to be gentle to us....and move onto someone else! :( We were all so bummed out! Well, at least my kids got to run around the front yard in their bathing suits, splashing in the rain! LOL!! I am hoping we get another chance really soon....I miss the thunderstorms!!! :( LOL!

I did manage to get a few shots of the sky. I wasn't going to miss a 'photo opportunity'. :D


Just Silly!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My husband got a little silly with my new camera.

Big Dylan!!

Little Dylan!!

LOL!! I know, I know...I live with a couple of dorks!!


Self Confidence!

Don't you wish you could go back to the age when you could care less if your face was covered in chocolate muffin? I would love to go back before the first time you ever were made fun of...before you had your first broken heart. I look at this little face, and I don't ever want her to change. She is confident, proud, and just glows with happiness! She sure brings a smile to my face, hopefully she can bring a smile to yours. :)


Bentlee's 1st Birthday!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

Here she is!! Doesn't she look adorable?? She did such an amazing job at her party...no tears!!

Here she is with her equally cute mommy. I think they look so sweet. :D

This is my favorite picture of the day!! She has her new baby, and her Ted. LOL! She just looks angelic in this one. It was the end of the day...and she was veeery tired. :)

My kids had fun at the party too. The park was nice and cool on Saturday. We needed the shade...Dylan was suffering from a sun burn already. :( He seems to be on the mend now.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!! I will post more tomorrow! :)


It's happened!!

He did it! Ted went out and got me a new camera! I just love it. It has so many features that I think I should take a photography class. LOL! I think that would be fun. I am going to try and get my mom to take one with me. She has a cool camera too. C'mon Peggy!! What do you say? :D

Here is my new baby:

I had it just in time for Miss Bentlee's first birthday!! I took over 100 pictures of the party! LOL!! I will post some of those in just a bit....stay tuned! :D



Friday, July 6, 2007

My husband has discovered the 'macro' setting on the camera. He is now obsessed. LOL! It all started when I took that picture of the little green bug up above. He didn't realise that the camera would do that so clear. He has been a photo-taking maniac ever since! Well, now he wants my camera....which is just as well for me! :D I have been shopping for a new one already! LOL! :D Here is just a little sample of his pictures.


Pool Time!!

My kids are officially water babies! I can not get them out of the pool. LOL! They spend hours a day in there. It's amazing how much they have learned in just 3 weeks. They both can swim now! We couldn't do that very well at the beginning of the summer. :) It is so much fun to play with them. We even get Ted out there sometimes! LOL! You won't be seeing any pics of me in the pool....I will save you the horror! :D


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